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1. Susan Atkins – Redemption Of the Soul, a Fight for Justice.

Former 1960s”Manson family” girl, Susan Atkins retained The Lampel Firm, P.C. to help right a wrong. She was sentenced to “7 years with the possibility of parole” for her part in those horrible crimes over three decades ago.

Susan doesn’t challenge her conviction, but sought The Lampel Firm’s help to try and make the State make good on her sentence, and that she be given a real chance at parole, depending on her rehabilitation, prison record, and current risk to society (or lack thereof). We filed a Habeas Corpus writ seeking her release because she has been refused parole even though she has one of the longest and most exemplary prison records in American penal history.

We also filed a separate civil rights suit because of the insane treatment she has received while trying to gain her release. You may disagree with her sentence, and think that all the “Manson family” members should be executed or live out their lives in prison, and while we respect your opinion, we believe in the law, and its full and fair application to all Americans, even those convicted of crimes.

Simply put, if one’s sentence is for a minimum of 7 years, and you have a flawless record, aren’t a danger, and have been fully rehabilitated, then you should be given a real chance at parole after those seven years, not a fake chance, predetermined by ambitious Governors who have politically-backed “no parole” policies, not in the interest of the public good.

Eric P. Lampel was interviewed by ABC’s Diane Sawyer for a “20/20” segment, because this case and what it stands for represents a real quest for justice, and one that requires a cool head, logical thinking, and a brave Judge who is determined to follow the law instead of public opinion.

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2. Kevin Malone – Former Dodgers General Manager

Eric P. Lampel represented Kevin Malone, former General Manager of the Los Angeles Dodgers in sensitive negotiations with the LA Dodgers General Counsel, and their President, as well as a well placed representative from Major League Baseball. After being persecuted by a libelous LA Times, and used as a whipping boy for Dodger Management, Mr. Malone resigned from his General Manager position with the Dodgers, but came into his own with several exciting and dramatic projects.



cindygarvey23. The Cindy Garvey – Cynthia Truhan Dilemma

The dilemma facing smart, funny attractive Cynthia Truhan (formerly Cindy Garvey, ex-wife of former LA Dodger Steve Garvey) is how to stave off unscrupulous suitors, a flesh eating media presence, and rebuild her image to what she truly is today– a high profile business woman, as attractive as she is intelligent. Her choice: hire TLF to develop a plan of attack on her detractors, defend her in a meritless law suit from a rogue LAPD officer, and promote her in her business dealings. An eloquent Federal Civil Rights lawsuit was prepared by TLF, and Ms. Truhan recently resolved the case for an amount in excess of $400,000.00.



dr. kooshian

4. Doctor Death – Orange County’s most celebrated AIDS doctor Now Admits he Faked Drug Injections

An important ally for the gay and lesbian community in discrimination/civil rights matters for years, TLF has never backed away from stepping up to the plate and suing one of the community when he/she steps over the line.

This effort was against “Doctor Death” an Orange County AIDS doctor accused by a former employee of giving sub-optimal doses of required medicine to sick patients, substituting saline solution to AIDS sufferers instead of expensive medicine, and over-billing exhausted patients when their insurance runs out. This law suit, and another by a former patient will expose the vicious corrupt underbelly of AIDS funding in Orange County, corrupt practices by men who control our very lives, and the scary faith we put in doctors today.


The civil case was ultimately settled, but the criminal effort, spearheaded by the United States government, is still pending.

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5. Shantae Molina-La Verdad!

TLF defended Shantae and her family from a corrupt and illegal criminal investigation by the Orange County Sheriff’s Department and the Orange County District Attorney’s office during 1998-2000. Shantae was 19 when she heard a prowler outside the family home in Laguna Nigel, CA, and armed herself with the family pistol. While trying to load the weapon, she accidentally fired it-and one of the shots tragically struck her beloved baby Armani.

He died some seven hours later. The OC Sheriff’s immediately harassed the mixed race family, threatened them, and exasperated, they called upon TLF to assist. During the course of the impending investigation and trial, it came to light that the police planted evidence, violated Shantae’s Constitutional Rights, photographed Shantae naked and acted more like members of Hitler’s elite Gestapo forces than “Defenders of the Peace.”

Then, the OC District Attorney’s office became involved three weeks later and filed Murder 1 charges against the teenager. The Deputy DA was as corrupt as she was incompetent. Lampel dug in and put on the fight of his career to save this innocent young girl from a lifetime behind bars, defending Shantae, assembled an incredible “Dream Team” with no budget, and pursued the defense single-handedly.

Lampel successfully defended Shantae through trial and won a full acquittal on all charges. The Lampel Firm, P.C. has recently filed a Federal Civil Rights lawsuit against the Sheriffs, the DA and others involved in the unjust criminal prosecution. In America, this sort of insane persecution shouldn’t happen–it is only by the grace of God, a hard working attorney, and the charity of so many that this innocent young girl was not sentenced to life in prison for a crime she didn’t commit.

The dream lives on, the goal of equality for all is within grasp, and through the persistent, dogged work of firms like The Lampel Firm, P.C. that thin green line that extends from Washington DC and the US Constitution throughout America, protects some of us, some of the time– it is the goal of this firm to extend that thin green line to all of our clients and to all those unjustly accused. Read all about it at, keyword “Shantae Molina”. Read “I_ shot my son”, and “Shantae is Innocent-now we begin the search for the guilty.”

In June 2007, Mr. Lampel and Shantae were flown to New York to participate in a taping of The Montel Williams Show, where they were interviewed by Montel regarding this landmark case and the issue of Police over reaching in today’s society.

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6. Lampel Sues Infamous Laguna Beach Gay Bar for Sexual Harassment and Contract Violations

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