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“I was the only female doing manager’s work at a large Southern California grocery store, and after doing my boss’ job for over a year – as well as my job – I dared asked to be named and paid as a Manager.

The store fired me. Mr. Lampel tore into them and their huge law firm, refused settlement, and tried the case, winning a $1.35 million trial verdict, BEFORE PUNITIVE DAMAGES, and then the grocery store settled. I couldn’t recommend Eric P. Lampel more highly. He is a tireless, compassionate lawyer if you are discriminated against or wrongfully terminated.”* Female Client

“I hired Eric Lampel to defend me against murder charges that were untrue. The Orange County Sheriff planted evidence, lied to witnesses, photographed me naked, and then the District Attorney filed false murder charges against me. My whole life was in the balance. Eric fought the whole unjust system for me and my family, held us together, and he got a NOT GUILTY jury verdict on all counts – then he sued the cops and the evil DA’s in Federal Court for violating my civil rights.

I thank God every day for Eric Lampel, and his amazing efforts, super hard work and the above and beyond approach he takes on every huge case and every little nuisance. I would recommend hiring Eric for anything. He never gives up.”* Female Client

“The US Attorney’s office in Alaska brought federal criminal charges against me for crimes they said happened when I was in the Coast Guard. I was already disciplined for the acts through the Coast Guard. I was willing to plead to the charges because I didn’t think you could fight the US Government.

But I was referred to Eric P. Lampel, as ‘the most aggressive’ lawyer in southern California. He said B**LS**T, got on a plane to Alaska, fought the US Attorney, and after several appearances and mountains of hard work no one could ever have envisioned, Mr. Lampel got the charges thrown out! I owe my life to Eric, and for his faith and hard work. God Bless him.” * Male Client

“I am gay, and was harassed at work. One of the other employees of this large furniture company actually snuck up behind me while I was taking a little nap in the break room and struck me in the face with his penis!!! Management laughed at this and asked if I enjoyed it. I couldn’t go back to work.

I hired Mr. Eric Lampel, such a hard working attorney, who fought for me and proved my case at trial, and got the harasser to admit he lied under oath and had stuck me in the face. We won a large verdict because Mr. Lampel would never back down, and he believed in me and my case and wasn’t afraid to prove it. I recommend that anyone who has a harassment case call Mr. Lampel.”*
Male Client

“Eric Lampel handled my personal injury case and fought for and we received a large settlement at mediation. I was assaulted by bouncer from a bar in Dana Point, H**, and the bouncers broke my nose and damaged the bone around my right eye, affecting my eye sight in that eye, as well as breaking several ribs.

Another lawyer referred me to Eric as a “super-lawyer” who would go after these guys, maximizing my case value and making the situation right. He did that and more. At every step he was doing something out of the box, playing cards we never thought of, and got me a huge settlement. If you are injured in a car wreck or bar fight or anything, as I say now, “Call Lampel”, he’s the best. “* Male Client
“I was fired by my employer of 20+ years because I am a gay man, and I complained about sexual harassment against me.

My performance at the hospital was excellent, and I never had a negative mark against me, and I was employee of the year until the hospital hired a gay-hating HR person who trumped up false claims against me. Many friends told me about Mr. Lampel. They said he was a “lion in the court room”.

I hired him, and he fought my case to a jury in Orange County, and we received a six figure jury verdict, vindicating my job and me. That hospital knows now they can’t push employees around just because they are gay. I could never pray for an advocate like Mr. Lampel and his charm and energy. I have my pride back because of what Mr. Lampel did for me in that court room. I pray every day for others that are in my situation and ask that they find a fighter like Mr. Lampel.”* Male Client

“I got a 3rd DUI. The first lawyer for DUI number 1 pled me guilty and said there was nothing we could do. That was point 1. On the 2nd, I hired DUI expert lawyer Lampel. He got the charge reduced to a ‘dry reckless’, which didn’t cause my insurance rates to sky rocket, or go on my record as a drinking and driving offense.

On the 3rd, I again hired Lampel, and he tried the case before an Orange County jury in Westminster where the car wreck had taken place, and even though my blood alcohol level was extremely high (.18), the cops had waited too long before drawing blood. He established at trial that they made mistake after mistake, and at the time of driving I was legally sober. We prevailed in that jury trial! I have stopped drinking altogether now, but thank my lucky stars that I found Lampel, he’s a son of a gun in court.”* Male Client

“I had a serious motorcycle accident on a windy road in San Diego County. My bike went off the road and my head struck the remains of a cement mixer blade from a prior wreck left in a creek bed. I was rendered a quadriplegic by this accident.

Another lawyer told me I needed a smart trial lawyer, because my situation was severe and the facts of the possible case made it very hard to prove. My girlfriend found Eric Lampel. He came to the hospital to meet me. He went to the accident site, laid down on the roadway and photographed the road himself.

He sued the County for a dangerous road design, and for negligently leaving the remains of that cement mixer in the creek that I impacted. He developed the case from nothing. Personal Injury expert attorney Eric Lampel attained a settlement for me of over one million dollars. I’ve never seen someone so ingenious. He was there for me in my time of need.”*Male Client
* EXPRESS DISCLAIMER: The above testimonials are from actual Clients of The Lampel Firm, HOWEVER the results in those cases does not guarantee or predict the outcome of your potential case. Such statements contained in this web site and the included testimonials are for the purpose of advertising the services of the law firm. NO LAW FIRM CAN GUARANTEE THE RESULT IN YOUR PARTICULAR CASE, only that the lawyer(s) featured will work diligently for you.

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